The Problems with Crawlspaces

Crawlspace Problems in the Chicagoland Area

If your home has a crawlspace, don’t ignore it. If your crawlspace is not properly maintained or inspected, it can lead to many issues throughout your home. Some of these issues include:

  • Crawlspace moisture – This can lead to mold growth and wood rot. Mold and mildew can get into the air you breath and cause you and your family health issues.
  • Pests – A crawlspace that is damp is an inviting place for pests including termites and roaches.
  • Radon – An unlined crawlspace can cause dangerous radon gas from the ground to seep into your home.
  • Energy bills – A crawlspace that is not properly maintained can cause high humidity throughout the home, causing high energy bills.
  • Sagging floors – A wet crawlspace can cause the floors above the crawlspace to sag.

Recently the Lake County flooding has caused residents to have crawlspace problems. So if you notice some of the signs of crawlspace problems such as drywall cracks, uneven floors, heightened allergies, or foul odors in the home, contact United Structural Systems of Illinois for a free inspection.

Crawlspace Repair Solutions in the Chicagoland Area

United Structural Systems of Illinois has the crawlspace solutions to get your crawlspace repaired and keep you and your home healthy.We provide crawlspace encapsulation to keep your crawlspace dry and free from mold, milder and dangerous radon gas.

The steps to a healthy crawlspace that United Structural Systems of Illinois installs are:

  • Crawlspace vapor barrier
  • Crawlspace drainage system
  • Crawlspace Dehumidification and Air Circulation
  • Crawlspace vent sealing

Our crawlspace solutions are simple while being effective. Crawlspace encapsulation will eliminate odors, rodents, mold, mildew, radon and high energy bills. Keeping your crawlspace dry is important. Let the professionals at United Structural Systems of Illinois install a vapor barrier in your crawlspace to keep it dry and prevent damage throughout your home.

We are a locally owned and operated business so we will be with your from start to finish and even afterward to answer any of your questions or concerns. We take pride in the outstanding reputation that we have established throughout the Chicagoland area. You will get the personalized attention you deserve.

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Let United Structural Systems of Illinois come and give you a free inspection and free quote for your crawlspace repair. Our crawlspace repair solutions are simple yet effective. Once the crawlspace if repaired, you can be assured that the repair will last for many years to come. Don’t let a wet crawlspace cause your entire home to become damaged. Contact United Structural Systems of Illinois today.