Protect Your Basement Before Winter

Interior Drainage in Chicagoland

With winter just around the corner, many homeowners and businesses are thinking of the things they need to do to winterize homes and buildings. It seems strange to think of waterproofing your basement in the winter, but it is just as important to protect your foundation now as in the spring when the rains come to Chicagoland. United Structural Systems of Illinois has a team of experienced members that will come and inspect your basement and your interior drainage in Chicagoland. You always want to move water away from your foundation walls so that cracks can not form and let water seep into your basement.

During the snowy season of the Midwest, we go through many cycles of freezing and above freezing temperatures. Any snow that melts and turns into water will have the same effect as rain water. If you already have some cracks in your foundation, water can freeze in the small cracks expanding the crack even more. As the temperature rises, that ice in the crack will melt and find its way into your basement. Whatever you can do to keep snow away from you foundation is going to be a good thing for your foundation. Make sure you have had your gutters clean out of leaves and debris so that water will flow away from your house.

Interior Waterproofing in Chicagoland

United Structural Systems of Illinois is a full service company that can offer many options for interior waterproofing in Chicagoland before winter comes. Once winter sets in, it is a bit more difficult to work in the freezing temperatures and it is harder to dig. Your foundation is the base for your whole house and you want to keep it in good shape for safety and the value of your home. Interior waterproofing in Chicagoland not only controls the amount of humidity in your home in the summer, but it will help to keep the floor in your basement warmer. Adding a sump pump to your water management is one thing that our qualified team can install for you.

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Any water that builds up around your foundation will put pressure on the walls. Bowing walls or leaning walls can be a result of that pressure. You might want to think about the installation of a battery back up system. With any storm in the Chicagoland area, the power can go out and you don’t want to have your sump pump go out and leave you with water in your basement.

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Before winter comes, contact United Structural Systems for your interior waterproofing in Chicagoland. A free inspection from our qualified team will set your mind at ease knowing your basement will be safe and sound in the winter and into the spring months.