Prepare Your Foundation For Winter In Chicagoland

Get Ready for Chicagoland Winter with United Structural Systems

Getting your basement ready for winter can be a daunting task if you live in Chicago, IL. It is, however, a necessary step if you do not want to end up with a flooded basement during the cold or after the snow melts. Fortunately, we can help you out with a couple of different preparation techniques that will keep your home from developing basement water and foundation problems this winter.

In the colder months, the concrete that makes up your foundation is more susceptible to freezing and cracking. The soil around the foundation is also more likely to expand and put pressure on the foundation due to water in the soil freezing. This can cause the foundation to shift and crack. United Structural Systems has all of the solutions that you need to protect your home from the harsh Illinois winters.

We offer sump pumps, exterior and interior waterproofing, and several foundation repair options to help protect your home from winter weather. Snowmelt and winter rain and sleet can leak into your home and cause basement water problems if you do not have proper waterproofing. Waterproofing to keep water out of your home and foundation repair methods to close cracks can prevent this leakage.

Steps for Winter Foundation Preparation Chicagoland, Illinois

Some steps that you can take to protect your home from winter woes include:

  • Checking Your Basement Windows: If there is water around your basement windows after a rain, it could mean that there is a leak. You may need to have the leak repaired or sealed or window well drains installed to prepare for snow and winter precipitation gathering around your home.
  • Ensuring Your Sump Pump Works: Make sure that the sump pump turns on when the sump pit is full and that it runs well enough to keep up with large amounts of water. You can invest in a battery backup sump pump to keep your home safe from flooding when snow melts.
  • Sealing any Foundation Cracks: Any cracks in your basement walls and floor could let water in, especially if snow is gathered around your foundation starts to melt and leak into the home.
  • Shoveling Snow around Home: Keeping the majority of the snow away from your foundation can help protect it from moisture seepage and leakage and may also help keep it from becoming too cold and cracking.
  • Cleaning out Your Gutters: As soon as the snow on your roof melts, it runs down and through your gutters. Clean out your gutters to make sure that the snow has a place to go instead of straight down around your foundation.

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  • Preparing Your Pipes: Insulating your pipes and your basement and airing them out at night can help to reduce water freezing and pipes bursting.
  • Checking on Basement Humidity: If you have high humidity in your basement or home, you may want to invest in crawlspace encapsulation or other basement waterproofing methods that will keep your home drier in the wintertime.

Contact the team at United Structural Systems to get basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions for your home. We can install new sump pumps or battery backup sump pumps, underpin your foundation to take care of foundation cracks, and implement basement waterproofing inside or outside your home to keep the basement and home safe from winter moisture. Call today for winter foundation preparation Chicagoland, IL in your home.