United Structural Systems 2010 Lunch and Learn Program

The current economic conditions, concern for historic preservation, and emphasis on fully utilizing existing structures have resulted in the necessity of innovative foundation repair techniques to extend the service life and /or increase the load carrying capacity existing foundation systems. The combination of these factors has resulted in design professionals, geotechnical and structural engineers to fully utilize the existing building inventory through extensive use of soil-structure interaction. The challenge facing the design community is the absence of educational training in the design and implementation of foundation upgrading and repair systems.

The lunch and learn programs implemented by United Structural Systems of Chicago provide a much needed resource for the design community by providing educational opportunities focusing on innovative methods of foundation repair, and technology-selection guidelines utilized to determine the most practical solutions for infrastructure improvements.

Our Lunch and learn programs have been specifically designed to provide a fun and interactive educational opportunity during the lunch hour. Topics are presented in forty five minutes allowing attendees the opportunity to participate in the program, and have time for a question and answer session without disrupting the work day.

United Structural Systems offers the following lunch and learn opportunities for design professionals:

  • Technology Selection of Foundation Repair Systems
  • Application and Design Helical Pile Systems
  • Application and Design of Resistance Piering Systems
  • Application and Design of Tie Back Anchors
  • Application and Design of Micropiles
  • New Construction Pile Systems Technology Selection Guidelines
  • Application and Design of Grouted Materials for Soil and Slab Stabilization.

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