Keep Water Away from your home with Exterior Drainage

Exterior Drainage Chicago

Your home is your biggest investment, therefor you will want to make sure you have taken the proper measures to keep it in the best condition possible. Water poses a serious threat to any structure. It can rot wood, create mold, and damage walls and foundation. Those frequent Midwest storms definitely aren’t helping either. At United Structural Systems we have the exterior waterproofing techniques and products to keep water at a safe distance. We will take the pools of water that are around your homes foundation and push them somewhere else, thereby preventing any further damage from happening. Give us a call today! Find out what we can do for you.

Exterior Drainage Chicago

Exterior Waterproofing Chicago

Included in our exterior drainage systems is a pipe, designed to divert water away from your foundation. We use only the best products and supplies to ensure you’re getting the quality waterproofing job your home needs. United Structural Systems can efficiently and effectively install the drainage systems you need. Next time the rain falls, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Water often pools around the foundation of a house. We have the ability to move that pooling water away from the home, eliminating the problem. At United Structural Systems we have skilled professionals that can also fix any foundation problems that might arise because of water damage. This includes bowing, leaning, and cracked walls. Also settling foundation, foundation cracks and slab cracks. The most likely problem could be mold. Mold grows in dark and damp areas. If you notice a musty smell, then you probably have a mold problem. The longer you leave foundation problems unattended the more problematic and expensive they become. So remember, don’t stress out about water – leave your home’s waterproofing job to us. We are your Exterior Waterproofing Chicago experts!

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