Help for Commercial Foundations in Chicagoland

Commercial Foundation Repair Chicagoland

United Structural Systems (USS) does more than just foundation repair for the residential areas of Chicagoland. Our company is a leader in commercial foundation repair in Chicagoland. Commercial foundations are designed differently than a house. They are bigger and heavier and need stronger materials if a repair is needed. There is always a set of codes and requirements that need to be followed to pass inspection. Teams of people work together to create a plan that will solve any foundation problems. If you own a business, you want your employees and customers to be safe at all times. So a strong and stable foundation is important to ensure everyone’s safety.

Help for Commercial Foundations in Chicago

Because of the size and height of Chicagoland’s buildings, some very strong support needs to be given to each building. Our helical piles are for deep foundations used in the larger projects. Once they are installed, the piles can immediately take on the load of the foundation. Adjustments can be made right then and you don’t have wait for any concrete to cure. With the project moving this easily, your business will not be disturbed for a great length of time. You may also need to use steel piers for the underpinning and strengthening of your foundation. Steel piers are strong for taking over the load of your foundation and easy to install.

United Structural Systems is the company to contact for your commercial foundation repair in Chicago. We have the solutions that will make your business safe for your employees, clients, or customers. Give us a call for your fee estimate to make your foundation stable once again.

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