Foundation Repair for Chicago Homes

Living in Chicago, the weather can be quite unpredictable ranging from excessive rainfalls to hard freezes. These weather extremities can cause stress to your home's foundation. Homes are merely resistant to fluctuating seasons. Overtime, you may start to notice your walls and foundation cracking. These are major issues that indicate foundation problems.

Foundation Repair for Chicago Homes

At United Structural Systems (USS), we are your residential foundation repair team in Chicago. We can provide a free inspection to fix your foundation.

During heavy rainfall, soil beneath your home's foundation can swell especially if the soil consists of clay. Clay absorbs moisture and tends to swell causing it to press against the foundation. If you don't have proper drainage or gutters, the rainwater will surround your home.

Clay can also be elastic causing the soil to shrink when dried. This process can occur during droughts causing homes to lose stability. Trees and scrubs suffering drought conditions can also affect the home's foundation. Every homeowner should have a foundation irrigation and root barrier system to avoid home foundation problems.

As your home ages, it becomes vulnerable for these natural elements to occur. USS has served the Chicago area since 1995. For residential foundation repair in Chicago, Contact USS.

Residential Foundation Repair in Chicago

At USS, we can help you identify the signs of foundation failure before it becomes a major problem. As the seasons change, inspect the interior and exterior of your home on a regular basis.

Look outside of the property for cracks in the foundation and garage column. Do you have steps that are pulling away from the main structure? This can be another indication. Inside your home, watch for wall cracks, tile cracks, and floor cracks. Also, pay close attention to windows that stick and bowing/leaning basement walls.

If you notice any of these signs, call 847-607-1202 USS today. Our team of professionals can provide free estimates. We offer underpinning solutions and other tools to fix your foundation repair needs.

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Our foundation repair solutions include:

  • Helical piers - lower cost for system and installation
  • Steel push piers - fixes cracked or leaning foundation walls
  • Soil nails - stabilizes slopes or creates permanent retaining walls for your home
  • Helical tiebacks - reinforce interior and exterior walls
  • Mudjacking - repairs sunken driveways, sidewalks, floors, steps and patios
  • Wall bracing - repairs cracked, bowed or leaning basement walls
  • Micropiles - offers smaller and deeper drilled pile foundations which are economical and environment friendly
  • Waterproofing - we install interior/exterior drainage systems and sump pumps

Only USS provides our customers with a wide range of options to repair your residential foundation repairs throughout the Chicago area. Please feel free to Contact us with any question that you may have about your foundation project. Call 847-607-1202 today for a free inspection. We will provide you with reliable, professional service.