Foundation Piering Solutions For Foundation Repairs In Chicago

How do I Know I Need Underpinning and Piering for My Foundation?

Many foundations, both the foundations of residential homes and commercial buildings, develop foundation problems over time. Sometimes, these problems can lead to foundation failure, which is a dangerous event in any situation. If your home or commercial building begins to show sings of foundation problems, do not hesitate – contact a foundation repair contractor immediately. United Structural Services, the leader in Chicago offers a variety of solutions to keep your foundation strong.

Foundation Repairs in Chicago

The cause of foundation failure is usually the shifting of the soil around or under the foundation. Voids can form in the soil as a result of erosion or soil shrinkage (from drought conditions). Also, if the soil absorbs too much moisture, the hydrostatic pressure will increase, pushing on the foundation and causing it to shift or crack. These changes and shifts in the soil lead to a settling or sinking foundation, which causes problems in many areas of the home.

It may be difficult for you to notice whether or not your foundation is settling. There are, however, some signs to look for that indicate a foundation problem is forming. The most noticeable of these signs is foundation cracks. These cracks can form in the walls or the floor. Cracks can also develop from old age, so although they may indicate foundation problems, they could merely be sings that your home is growing old. Another sign of foundation settlement is bowing or leaning walls. This is a good indication that your foundation has shifted and is in need of extra support. Other signs include sticking windows or doors, and an uneven or sloping floor. A wet basement can also mean that your foundation is having issues, as basement cracks create an entry point for water. It is important for you to examine your home or business regularly to check for the symptoms of foundation failure. If you notice any signs, have a foundation repair specialist take a look as soon as possible. The longer you leave a problem unchecked, the worse the problem becomes, causing more issues and leading to more expensive repairs.

What Piering Options are There?

The best method to fix a sinking or settling foundation is to install foundation piers. There are a few different types of foundation piers, the two most common being steel push piers and helical piers.

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Steel push piers, the standard in foundation piering products, work by first driving into the ground underneath the foundation. They are driven in deep past the loose soil that is just beneath the surface to reach the stable soils that can adequately support the weight of the building. Next, the weight of the structure is transferred onto the piers so that it can be raised back to its original level. Helical piers work in generally the same manner as this. The key difference is that instead of merely being driven into the ground, they are screwed in. This method provides a bit of extra stability, making it great for particularly heavy structures. Both helical and steel piers can be installed in nearly any type of weather with a small amount of machinery. This fact makes them a non-invasive alternative to replacing your foundation.

Micropiles are yet another type of foundation piers that are especially useful in urban areas, This type of pier is very compact and allows a smaller, deeper support that is required by large buildings such as a high rise or skyscraper. the hollow bar in micropiles allows grout to be injected simultaneously as the pier is driven into the ground. This means that the pier is reinforced with a concrete grout to improve the strength and stability. They can also be effectively used to support foundations in new construction.

If you begin to see the signs of foundation failure in your home or commercial building, Contact us here USS today. We can provide you with quality piering options to restore your foundation to its former position.