A Foundation Crack is not the End of the World

Foundation Crack Repair Chicago

As a homeowner your house is your biggest investment. We understand that you want to keep it in the best condition possible, and that is why we are here to help! Signs that you may have foundation problems include sticking doors and windows, small wall cracks, and sloping floors. If you notice these issues, call a professional immediately! However, there is no reason to panic. Foundation settlement is all to common in homes. It can be a big problem, but only if it is not taken care of. The longer you leave it the more expensive and dangerous it can become. As long as you call United structural Systems you will never have to worry about those problems damaging your home.

Foundation Repair Illinois

With our proven techniques and products we will halt your homes settlement and fix any foundation problems that occurred because of it. We only hire the most qualified employees, they have the experience necessary to complete your job quickly and efficiently.

Foundation cracks chicago

We use only the highest quality products too. With our helical, steel, and push piers we can raise your home to its designated elevation. You can Rely on United Structure Systems to find the source of your problem and eliminate it before it becomes to serious of an issue.

Cracked foundations do not have to destroy the house. If you recognize that you may have a problem and call a professional, then your home can be restored to its original state. If your cracks are frequent and of varying size, then we may have to use our epoxy injection. This injection fills the crack and seals out water and air. The injection will also bring the wall back to its original strength. Call United Structure Systems today! Don’t let cracked foundation negatively effect you and your home!

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