Do I Really Need A Sump Pump For My Chicagoland Home?

Chicago Sump Pumps

Chicago Sump Pumps

If your Chicagoland home doesn’t have a sump pump, you may be taking a risk. Chicagoland is known for its unpredictable thunderstorms and heavy rains in a short amount of time. Sump pumps are essential because they help protect Chicago basements from flooding. During heavy rainfalls, water saturates the soil around the foundation.

Excess water causes hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls, sometimes leading to wall cracks and bowing walls. Cracks allow water to seep through, creating water puddles and standing water in the basement. As a result, mold growth and water damage may occur.

If you notice basement water, look for signs of water damage such as musty odors, water leaks, peeling paint, rusty metal appliances and rotting wood. Also, look for soggy carpet and discolored furniture. Water damage can be costly, forcing homeowners to replace belongings. At United Structural Systems, we highly recommend sump pumps as a preventive measure for homes with a basement in Chicagoland.

How Does Water Get Into Chicagoland Basements?

There are three main factors that lead to wet basements in the Chicagoland area.

  • Sewer - Water enters basements through sewers. Since sewer systems can’t handle excess water during heavy storms, water may back-flow into the basement.
  • Gutters - Gutter run off along the building, clogged gutters, and poor tuck-pointing can cause basement water intrusion.
  • High Water Table - Since some areas in Chicagoland have a high water table, water may rise in the basement.
Chicago Sump Pumps for Wet Basements

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  • Poor grading - Improper grading around the home allows water to enter basements. Make sure your home has proper grading to direct the flow away from your foundation.

If you’re investing in a new home, make sure you have a good realtor or buyer’s agent to assess your home from water damage. Also, getting a realtor that knows the Chicago area is helpful.

If your home doesn’t have a working sump pump, invest in a heavy duty sump pump by United Structural Systems. We’ll make sure your home has adequate protection for many years to come.

Benefits of Chicagoland Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a machine that is placed in the basement floor. It is designed to collect water that enters the basement to prevent flooding. As water fills up, the sump pump is activated and pumps water out at 30 to 50 feet away from the home.

Sump pumps are 100% beneficial. They offer the following amenities:

  • Stops moisture from accumulating underneath the foundation
  • Fast installation process
  • Reduces the risk of fire because flooding is the main cause of electrical fires
  • Prevents mold growth and mildew by keeping the basement dry
  • Prevents flooding damage and water build-up in the basement

Contact United Structural Systems if your home doesn’t have a reliable sump pump in Chicagoland. Without a working sump pump, water will start to enter your basement and cause water damage. Our professionals are trained to accurately install your sump pump and connect it to a drainage system.

Also, we offer battery back-up sump pumps designed to give you several hours of protection even when the power goes out, or if your primary pump has a mechanical failure. United Structural Systems will give you peace of mind in your Chicagoland home. Contact us today for an estimate.