Complete Foundation Repair Solutions

The best solution to correcting foundation failure is to remove or control the source of the problem in addition to repairing the foundation where the damage has occurred. Lack of proper drainage causes pooling water around your foundation which leads to hydrostatic pressure on the walls. When left unattended, this pressure results in foundation damage, causing foundation cracks, bowed walls, and foundation settlement.

Foundation Repair In Lake County, Il

The first step is to install proper waterproofing and surface drainage to keep water away from your foundation. But if the damage is already done, we offer solutions both commercially and for residences including carbon fiber repair to shore up bowing walls, or helical tiebacks which also adds support for bowing and leaning walls with minimal intrusion to you and your home and yard.

At United Structural Systems, our philosophy is to provide each homeowner the best solution to their foundation problems. Our project estimators provide comprehensive site evaluations identifying foundation cracks, damage to the structural components of the home, and the potential causes of the damage. An essential part of the initial site investigation is determining the degree and severity of the distressed foundation area.

Water Effects Your Foundation

A great number of foundation failures are the result of rainwater and improper surface drainage. Even when foundation repairs are required, redirecting groundwater away from the foundation is a necessary component of the solution. We strive to provide each customer a clear understanding of the cause and severity of the situation, and provide the best repair solution for the problem. We offer an extensive list of waterproofing solutions including sump pumps, battery back up sump pumps, interior and exterior drainage systems, surface drainage, and crack repair. Chicago and the surrounding area can be sure to experience issues with water in their basement, even flooding. Lake County is a common area that experiences flooding. This is because 20% of the area is covered in water. It is recommended to have a sump pump in areas like Lake County, and it is wise to have a back up sump pump installed as well.

Learn more about our foundation repair solutions at United Structural systems on our website, or call us 847-607-1202 for more information any time. We are well trained and experienced in all foundation repair solutions in the Chicagoland Area.

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