Foundation Repair in Chicagoland & Cook County

USS of Illinois is an Illinois foundation specialty contractor that installs and constructs foundation repair solutions and earth retention systems for both the residential and commercial markets of Illinois. Since 1995, USS of Illinois has completed thousands of projects in Chicago, throughout Cook County, and across the state of Illinois. These projects range from residential repairs to commercial and industrial underpinning projects.

We lead the Chicagoland and Suburbs area in our expertise with helical anchors, steel piers, earth tiebacks, micropiles, soil nails and basement wall bracing. Our work with the professional engineering community and our craftsmanship have been recognized with numerous awards and citations for excellence. Your home deserves the best specialty foundation contractor in the area, not a contractor that just offers foundation repair as a side line. For the best structural foundation repair in Cook County, call USS.

Our unique blend of family pride, technological innovation, field experience and engineering excellence consistently enables United Structural Systems to provide homeowners with economical solutions and quality work.

We assist residential and commercial property owners with all of their foundation problems and the solutions for these problems. Whether you’re faced with a sinking foundation, bowed wall or other structural foundation repair issue, USS of Illinois can help.

Signs of Foundation Failure in Chicagoland area and Suburbs

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Foundation Cracks Need Foundation Repair In Chicago Il

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we can help you understand the signs and symptoms of foundation failure. lf you catch these before they become a big problem, you can save yourself a lot of money. It is a good idea to do an inspection of your property from time to time, to watch for signs of failure. You might be experiencing foundation settlement or a sinking foundation, and if you catch it early, foundation piers and underpinning solutions can definitely help your situation. Foundation failure could mean replacing the foundation, which is an extremely expensive project. Save yourself a lot of money by recognizing the signs, and calling your professional foundation repair team in Chicagoland area and Suburbs – United Structural Systems. We have years of experience in underpinning and piering solutions.

Watching for all of these signs and having the knowledge of what to look for will help you get your foundation repair done before it's too late. Don't ignore any of these signs of foundation failure. At the first sign of foundation failure, call us at United Structural Systems and let us examine your home and see what, if any, structural foundation repair needs to be done.

Walking around the outside of the property, look for the following signs of foundation failure:

From the interior, you can watch for the following signs of foundation failure:

Knowing what to look for, and having the knowledge of what to look for in foundation failure, will give you a head start on getting it repaired before it's too late. Don't ignore any of these signs of foundation failure. At the first sign, contact United Structural Systems of Illinois, Inc. for all of your structural foundation repair needs.

When your home's foundation is damaged, you may think that it is beyond repair and you need to demolish the old foundation and build a new one. Replacing your foundation would be extremely expensive and time-consuming. United Structural Systems has the professionals and products to repair your foundation. Signs of foundation failure can appear at anytime. Don't wait for a certain time of year to get your foundation checked by a foundation repair specialist. We can help determine what the foundation problem is and offer you the best solution.

Foundation Crack Repair Solutions in Chicago and Cook County

Foundation Repair Methods For Chicago And Hoffman Estates Il

Living in Chicago, moisture can affect your concrete, leading to concrete cracks. This can cause your foundation to shift and be unstable. We have the best solutions. We offer slab piers and mud jacking to lift your concrete slab from beneath the foundation and return it to its correct position. We also offer crack injections. This process involves injecting a solution into your basement cracks. This helps make your concrete strong and stable so future cracks will not pop up. At USS, we determine the best foundation crack repair solution for your home.

If you see any of these signs, it is time to call the engineers and the rest of the team at USS of Illinois. We can provide you with a free estimate and have a full list of underpinning and other tools to resolve your specific foundation repair needs. No two job sites are the same, and we recognize that at USS of Illinois.

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  • Helical Piles – Used in piering projects where you need to resist tension, compressive force, or both.
  • Steel Push Piers – An end-bearing pier, it is the commonly used pier in foundation repair today.
  • Soil Nails – Used commonly in retaining walls and slope stabilization.
  • Helical Tiebacks – Used for retaining wall or basement wall reinforcement.
  • Mudjacking – Using cement grout to fill and stabilize voids.
  • Wall Bracing – Methods such as carbon fiber strips are used to shore bowing / leaning walls.
  • Micropiles – Piering that can be used many ways, installed quickly, in most ground types.
  • Waterproofing – Sump pumps, drainage systems, vapor barriers are used to keep crawlspaces and basements dry, helping protect foundations.

Only a full service company like USS of Illinois provides you with a wide range of options necessary to repair residential and commercial structures from the various problems caused by clay soils prevalent throughout the area. From the first phone call, until the final inspection on a completed job, our professionals are pledged to providing the most outstanding service available in the industry today.

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