Foundation Crack Repair in Chicagoland area and Suburbs

Concrete Foundation Crack Causes

Foundation cracks are a common problem and occur in almost all poured concrete structures. Cracks may be caused by stress or soil settlement along the footing of the structure. Seepage occurs when water levels in the soil rises and cause hydrostatic pressure on the foundation, and find an outlet into the basement or crawlspace through the crack. If not addressed professionally, the cracks can typically grow larger resulting in a greater opportunity for the water seepage and damage to your home or the possibility of structural damage. If you have a cracked foundation, immediate foundation repair is the wisest choice.

Concrete Foundation Crack Repair

United Structural Systems of Illinois (USS) implements a solution to foundation cracks with a method called epoxy injection. Epoxy injection for foundation crack repair is effective, affordable, and can be used on any concrete surface. Most importantly it is a permanent and lifelong repair when completed by the trained technicians at USS. All foundation cracks injected by USS come with a lifetime transferable warranty. If a foundation crack fixed by USS requires service it is at no cost to the client.

Options to Repair Your Foundation Crack

Two Options for Your Foundation Crack Repair:

Foundation Crack Repair Option 1:

Contact us or call our office at 847-607-1202 and request a service technician to come out and repair the cracked foundation ASAP. Our office staff can provide you with guaranteed pricing and an explanation right over the phone. Your foundation crack repair will be scheduled in one phone call and a technician will be out to fix the crack in one visit.

Foundation Crack Repair Option 2:

Contact us or call our office at 847-607-1202 to schedule a trained field estimator to come out

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