Interior Drainage, A Waterproofing Solution for Chicagoland area and Suburbs

Interior Drainage Solutions For Flooded Chicago Il Basements

Many Chicago homeowners experience rain in their basements. Most view it as a fact of life – when it rains, the basement floods. But water doesn't just harm the belongings you keep in your basement. It can pool under the foundation and at the bottom of walls and cause the foundation to crack or buckle. Standing water is also the perfect environment for hazardous mold and mildew growth. If you own a home in Chicago and experience water in your basement or crawlspace, it may be time to have an interior drainage system installed. Interior drainage systems are a key step in keeping water off of your foundation. United Structural Systems is available for interior drainage installation in the Chicago area. We have a commitment to providing you with efficient, effective service designed to keep your home dry. Don't leave your home's structural stability to chance. United Structural Systems is your interior drainage service provider in Chicago.

Know the signs of potential water problems before it is too late. Do you have a leaky basement or water stains on your walls? Left untreated, a wet basement can cause leaning walls, cracks in the walls, and water leakage through cracks.

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The following are common problems that interior drainages fix:

  • Flooded basements: Water in your basement can be caused by water leaks due to wall and floor cracks.
  • Standing water around your foundation: Low areas around your home can produce standing water and saturated soil. These conditions create pressure against your basement walls causing them to crack and bow.
  • Water leaks: Interior waterproofing collects water from the point of entry which usually occurs at the base of the floor or wall joints.
  • Moisture: By controlling water in your basement, an interior drainage system eliminates moisture and prevents mold growth.

Your home is your investment. Poor water drainage is a huge financial burden for many homeowners. Keeping water away from your foundation can help prevent water damage to your home. Start by cleaning your gutters and make sure trees aren't too close to your foundation. At USS, we can inspect your property to make sure water is drained away from your home and provide the best basement waterproofing solution.

One of our most effective basement waterproofing solutions is interior drainage systems. They are fast, inexpensive, and designed to protect your home from water damage. USS will do all the cleanup afterwards.

Interior drainage systems take in excess water from the bottom of your basement walls and export it elsewhere, keeping your foundation dry and stable. You won't have to worry about bowing walls or cracked foundation slabs. Our expert installers use only the best products to make sure your interior drainage system will function properly for quite awhile. At United Structural Systems, we have a commitment to customer service. Your home is one of your most valuable investments, and we'd like to protect it. We are your interior waterproofing team in Chicagoland area and Suburbs.

Interior Waterproofing inChicagoland area and Suburbs.

If you have found water in your home on multiple occasions, it might be time to contact United Structural Systems. Our professional staff is courteous and knowledgeable, available to answer any questions you may have about exterior drainage in Chicagoland area and Suburbs. A wet basement is nothing to mess around with. A wet basement or crawlspace can lead to mold and mildew. Did you know that as much as fifty percent of the air you are breathing in your home comes from your basement or crawlspace? With our help you can have a dry basement or crawlspace and then air in your home will be healthy and clean. Get rid of moisture and protect your belongings with our interior drainage solutions.

Our interior waterproofing systems consist of heavy duty sump pumps. Since moisture and water affects your basement, it is essential to invest in a sump pump. They protect your home from mold growth and foundation issues. A sump pump is installed into a sump pit, which is a hole in the basement floor. It collects accumulating water in the basement. As water runs through the sump pit, the sump pump expels the water out of the pit and away from the foundation. Interior waterproofing offers a multitude of advantages for homes.

Some benefits include:

  • Increases property value
  • Maintains your home's structural integrity
  • Stops mildew, mold, and fungus growth
  • Hinders rust on metal appliances
  • Guards against insect infestation

Interior drainage systems keep your basement dry from moisture and water. More than half of homes experience wet basements. At USS, we can install a reliable sump pump for your Chicagoland area and Suburbs home. Remember that we also offer exterior drainage solutions, vapor barriers, and more. So don't wait, call your professional waterproofing team in Chicago – United Structural Systems.